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Free Wizard Radio: Episode 29

A brand new episode of Free Wizard Radio with host DJ Ryan the Plaid.

Afronights w/ Digimillennials: Manifesting with Adekunle Gold

A brand new episode of Afronights with host Ediri Obor.

Dog Friendly KW Podcast: Anti-Racism and Animal Advocacy w/ Kassidi Jones

In this podcast episode, Justine and Mackenze are joined by Kassidi Jones, curator of the instagram page @gingers_naps. Kassidi discusses issues of anti-black racism w...

Free Wizard Radio: Episode 27

Episode 27 of Free Wizard Radio with Ryan Leandres. Tune in for Dungeon synth, metal, and mayhem! 

Inside the Musician's Mind w/ Caleb Khuu: Guitarist NATHAN SCHILLER on working as session musician

This week Caleb is joined by session guitarist and vintage guitar expert Nathan Schiller. They discuss the path of a young guitar player, the Windsor scene, and what’s...

Mondo Rando Radio: Talkin' model airplanes with Will Dixon

In this episode of Mondo Rando Radio, Randolph J. is joined by Will Dixon for a chat on model airplanes.

Dog Friendly KW Podcast: Dogs in pop culture

Kenz and Justine explore the many dogs of books, movies, and song in this episode of the Dog Friendly KW Podcast. 

Free Wizard Radio: Episode 26

Join host DJ Ryan the Plaid for another sojourn into the realm of dungeon synth and metal. 

Midtown Conversations: Shain Shapiro on how music can make cities better

Featuring Shain Shapiro (author of This Must be the Place: How Music Can Make Your City Better). With guests Betty Anne Keller (Rock This Town); Paul Kalbfleisch (The ...

Inside the Musical Mind w/Caleb Khuu: NICK BORDMAN on authenticity in country music

In this episode of Inside the Musical Mind, host Caleb Khuu welcomes local country singer-songwriter Nick Bordman for a chat about the evolution of country music and h...

Watershed Writers w/ Tanis MacDonald: To & Fro

We kick off our fourth season with the ‘To and Fro’ episode. We’ll take a look back at writers we’ve interviewed, a sneak peek at who we’ll be talking to this fall, an...

Mondo Rando Radio: Paul Langan dishes on WRITING

In this episode of Mondo Rando Radio, Randolph J. welcomes local author Paul Langan to the program. They discusses his process as they go through his vast catalogue of...

Afronights w/ Digimillennials: Introducing KING CRUFF!

In this episode of Afronights w/ Digimillennials! Host Ediri Obor explores great music from the African continent including music from Toronto-based artist King Cruff. 

Dog Friendly KW: Deciding if your household is ready for a 2nd (or 3rd) dog

In this episode of the Dog Friendly KW podcast, Justine and Kenz talk about the pros and cons of adding another dog to your family. They also discuss the best ways of ...

Mondo Rando Radio: Talkin' TAP DANCING with Stephen Greig

In this episode of Mondo Rando Radio, Ranolph J. welcomes Stephen Grieg to the show for a chat about tap dancing. 

Free Wizard Radio: The RETURN w/ DJ Ryan the Plaid

A new episode of dungeon synth, death metal, and wizardry! It's Free Wizard Radio with DJ Ryan the Plaid. 

Midtown Conversations: KW Art Gallery curator Darryn Doull and Land Back organizer Amy Smoke

This week on Midtown Conversations, host Danielle Deveau visits KWAG for a tour of the new exhibition SOS: A Story of Survival, Part II - The Body.Curator Darryn Doull...

Afronights w/ Digimillennials: New Season, NEW HOST!

Welcome to the second season of Afronights w/ Digimillennials! We've got an exciting new host, Ediri Obor, but the same focus on exploring and celebrating African and ...

Mondo Rando Radio: Talkin' board games w/ Nathan Lee

In this episode of Mondo Rando Radio, Rando welcomes Nathan Lee for an in-depth chat on board games. 

Midtown Conversations: The Jazz Room's Steven Preece and singer Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Host Danielle Deveau interviews STEPHEN PREECE, President of the Grand River Jazz Society and founder of The Jazz Room in Waterloo.They talk about: -how The Jazz Room ...

Dog Friendly KW Podcast: Volunteering & Working with Dog Friendly KW w/ Rachel Radyck

In the first episode of season 8, Mackenzie and Justine are joined by DFKW's culture and policy lead Rachel Radyck who talks about why DFKW is such a great place to vo...

ON THE SCENE: Joshua Pascua and Hung LIVE from AOK Arcade Bar!

Allison Dyjach is live from AOK craft beer bar and arcade in downtown Kitchener. She is joined by local musician Joshua Pascua KW supergroup Hung.

Inside the Musical Mind w/ Caleb Khuu: Rosie Samra

In the first episode of Inside the Musical Mind, host Caleb Khuu welcomes acclaimed singer and songwriter Rosie Samra for a deep dive into her musical mind. 

Danny Michel Discusses New Album 'Ghost Town'

Host Danielle Deveau chats with Danny Michel about his new album: Ghost Town.Interview discusses:the process of writing and recording this album (spoiler: it was reall...

FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ft. Mike Morrice, Berry Vrbanovic, Mike Murray and MORE!

Midtown Radio celebrates 5 years of hyperlocal community radio. Join hosts Allison Dyjach and David Harmes for this special live retrospective featuring members of the...

Free Wizard Radio: Episode 14

The 14th episode of bone crushing metal, dark dungeon synth, and spells galore on Free Wizard Radio w/ DJ Ryan the Plaid! Broadcast on 

ON THE SCENE: Best of Season 2 Recap w/ Allison Dyjach and Darek Reidel

The final episode of ON THE SCENE's second season. Host Allison Dyjach and Darek Reidel talk about their favourite interviews and locations of the year. They also play...

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