Midtown Radio is Kitchener/Waterloo's hyperlocal online radio station. We are creating community-based commercial free radio that supports, amplifies, and promotes the musicians, podcasters, and audio creators in our cities. You can listen live 24/7 to Midtown Radio at MidtownRadio.ca or listen on demand to the clips below. 

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Free Wizard Radio: Episode 14

The 14th episode of bone crushing metal, dark dungeon synth, and spells galore on Free Wizard Radio w/ DJ Ryan the Plaid! Broadcast on MidtownRadio.ca. 

ON THE SCENE: Best of Season 2 Recap w/ Allison Dyjach and Darek Reidel

The final episode of ON THE SCENE's second season. Host Allison Dyjach and Darek Reidel talk about their favourite interviews and locations of the year. They also play...

Free Wizard Radio: Episode 13

Episode 13 of the Free Wizard Radio broadcast with host DJ Ryan the Plaid. Originally aired on MidtownRadio.ca Monday, May 15 , 2023. For more episodes of Free Wizard ...

Radio Free Sundays: The Enduring Appeal of Classic Rock

In this episode of Radio Free Sundays, host David Harmes explores why classic rock has maintained an interest through the generations. He also plays a selection of gre...

Dog Friendly KW Podcast: The STRANGEST dog laws around the world

In this clip from the Dog Friendly KW podcast, Justine and Mackenzie reveal the strangest laws pertaining to dogs from around the world including a DNA test to combat ...

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